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What is Learnlight?

Learnlight is a programme that offers a great combination of e-learning and live lessons. Each student is assigned their own experienced and patient teacher who will guide them through the programme. Students are always able to access activities and homework through their personal login.

What does the learning programme include?

The platform shows your personal progress via a report after every Skype lesson. Index cards help you repeat your vocabulary at any time. Furthermore, a weekly magazine with current news, lifestyle, sport and business is published. The platform adapts to your device: desktop, tablet etc.

How does Learnlight work?

Students complete the interactive activities, assigned to them by their teacher on the platform. That way students practice their grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

Students connect via Skype or telephone with their teachers - for a dynamic lesson that follows prepared activities.

Students repeat what they have learned using their personal lesson report after every Skype or telephone session with further in-depth exercises.

What are the advantages?

 Learn languages, independently from time and place

 Combination of e-learning and personal live lessons

 Shows progress via reports

 All levels from A1 to C2 (10 levels)

 Weekly magazine with news, lifestyle, sport and business

Can I try the learning programme?

Of course. You can try out Learnlight for free for two weeks incl. Skype and telephone sessions with a personal teacher.

How much does the learning programme cost?

CHF 55.00 per week and lesson. Minimum duration 12 weeks. Special prices for longer bookings. Leave your telephone number and we will call you for your free two-week Learnlight trial!

More information from plc via 043 443 16 16!

Free e-learning with Yalea

Additionally to Learnlight we offer the following e-learning tools:

Online magazine VeinteMundos

Read exciting articles about subjects from the Spanish-speaking world - includes vocabulary, grammar, audios and questions about text comprehension.

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Online magazine TeaTime-Mag

Interesting reports from English-speaking countries - includes vocabulary, grammar, audios and questions about text comprehension.

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Online dictionary Vocdix

Vocdix offers German, Spanish and English translations for words, expressions, terminology and sayings.

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Online vocabulary trainer VocBox

Easy and practical vocabulary learning, create your own cards or exchange them with others - everything is possible with VocBox!

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