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Study Spanish in Cuba, the Caribbean island famous for its music, history and beautiful beaches

Many of the buildings in Cuba’s colonial cities have been wonderfully preserved, with the cobbled streets and grandiose squares of Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Camagüey all being listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. As you wander these streets, you can’t help but catch phrases of Afro-Cuban, salsa or son music. Music and dance are in this country’s blood and live music is not hard to find, creating an infectiously vibrant atmosphere. You will almost certainly hear musicians playing songs by one of the county's most famous groups, the Buena Vista Social Club. Outside the cities there are many white sandy beaches where you can while away all your cares in the world, as well as swamps, forest and mountains for the more adventurous to explore. 

Since Raúl Castro took over his brother’s political leadership of the island’s communist government, Cuba has been in the midst of social and cultural change. This makes it a fascinating country to visit now as you can witness first-hand the way in which the revolution's egalitarian political ideals are finding a new way of co-existing with Western free-market economics. While mulling over the country’s history and politics, why not relax and enjoy one of the country’s most famous cocktails, a mojito or daiquiri, just like the writer Ernest Hemingway loved to do. 

Although it may be different from the Spanish you have come across before, the Cuban accent and way of speaking has a unique charm that you will pick up quickly. Cubans are known for being welcoming and friendly, with the country’s overwhelming atmosphere being laidback and fun-loving.


Surface area109,884 km2

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The Plaza Vieja of Havana


Pintoresco – Baroque architecture, vibrant music, cigars and vintage American style

Language courses abroad in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Colorido – Vibrant city surrounded by beautiful landscapes with fantastic hiking and scuba diving

Language courses abroad in Trinidad


Rústico – Listen to the sounds of salsa and partying waft over the cobbled streets

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