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Prepare for the TOEFL exam abroad
Prepare for the TOEFL exam abroad
Prepare for the TOEFL exam abroad
Prepare for the TOEFL exam abroad

TOEFL exam preparation courses

A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certification is designed to measure a person’s level of English for academic purposes. As well as being recognized internationally, the TOEFL is accepted as a measure of English ability for persons wanting to enroll in university courses and to apply for visas and scholarships in English-speaking countries. Given its importance, it is necessary to adequately prepare and study for the exam.

During a TOEFL exam preparation course, professors who have specialized in TOEFL exam preparation, help students to understand the different sections of the exam. Students can benefit from focusing on each of the four sections of the exam: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Courses generally commence every Monday and have a minimum duration of four weeks. The exam can then be taken in the same location, abroad, or later in the student’s home country. There are many opportunities to take the exam with over 100 centers worldwide and 50 dates annually.

It is recommended that students take the TOEFL exam itself as soon as possible after completing a preparation course, as they will best benefit from the course in this moment. Students should find out the score which is required by their university or educational institution for the program they would like to apply for. Students are able to repeat the exam if they do not achieve the required score.

The highest score possible for each section is 120 points. Results are valid for two years from when the exam is taken. Students pay the exam fee online (prior to taking the exam) and will receive the results within a few weeks of completing the exam.

Contact us for more information regarding exam and course dates, exam centers and computer based exams (IBT).

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